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About Ingentes Technologies


Ingentes is a technology company which provides computer and mobile infrastructure solutions to various businesses, Institutions and Individuals. As a local business located in Nigeria Ingentes Technologies offer professional and affordable computer solution services to residential clients, small businesses and large companies. We are everything you're looking for concerning any technological issues ranging from phones, laptops, PCs, servers. Our experience and knowledge give us an advantage. Therefore we are equipped to give you personal satisfaction and help you reach your business goals!

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Ingentes technologies is ever ready to relieve you and your business of all IT headaches.

The idea which started Ingentes Technologies came up in early 2000’s from a group of friend, who left secondary school awaiting result to process admission into a higher institution. Along the line, they got part-time Jobs and after a while, they started with cyber café and later graduated into computers and IT support, and this has continued even after their formal training in the university till now.

Our vision is to become an internationally acclaimed IT company known for providing the best services available.
Our mission is to provide exceptional services in our core and associated businesses, to ensure our services meet up with international standards.

Our core values for quality service are:

  1. Excellence
  2. Innovation
  3. Integrity
  • IT Support Service99%

  • Repairs & Maintenance93%

  • Computer Training81%

  • Computer Networking87%

  • Sales80%